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The announcer of the Zamalek channel surprised Mohamed Awad with this message after being excluded from the national team

The media, Maha Sabry, was keen to support goalkeeper Mohamed Awad, the goalkeeper of Zamalek after he was not in the team's current camp.

Maha Sabry wrote on her Twitter account, saying:

When Awad is the best goalkeeper in Egypt, he won't be able to join the team.

And she continued: Enough with you, it remains with all due respect to everyone, but Awad's level does not differ from him at all, nor is he oscillating, nor does he walk on a line and leave a line, this is the best goal in Egypt.

The former Zamalek star: I rejected offers from Al-Hilal, Al-Ahly, and Belgium for the love of the white shirt:

Ibrahim Salah, the former Zamalek midfielder, revealed that he rejected strong offers from Saudi Arabia in order to return to the white team.

Ibrahim Salah played for a while in the ranks of the Saudi Al-Orouba team, during which time he spoke of receiving offers from big clubs in Saudi Arabia, such as Al-Hilal Club, but he refused them in order to return to Zamalek.

Ibrahim Salah spoke on a program in the stadium with Karim Khattab on Nojoom FM.

Where he also spoke that he received an offer from the Al-Ahly club before leaving Zamalek, but he refused for the love of the white team and in order to continue with the team.

He also revealed that he had also rejected a Belgian offer from Lierse Club through Majed Sami, in order to continue with Zamalek, in addition to the poor financial return.

Ibrahim Salah returned to Zamalek in 2014 from Saudi Arabia, in a generation that achieved the double, the league, and the cup with Portuguese Ferreira in his first term.

Khaled Al-Ghandour hints at a strong Cameroonian deal for Zamalek:

The journalist Khaled Al-Ghandour revealed that there are negotiations from Zamalek with a Cameroonian player who is currently playing in the Portuguese team Maritimo.

Where Khaled Al-Ghandour referred to him through radio statements that a player is a dictionary and also plays in more than one position on the field, and therefore he is a Joker player.

Where Khaled Al-Ghandour alludes to the Cameroonian player Joel Tagoyo, the Maritimo team player who has Cameroonian and Brazilian citizenship.

Whereas, Cameroonian Joel Tagoyo is an outspoken spearhead who is able to play on the flanks and is also in the center of the gaming industry and has a distinguished length.

The player will be one of the strong deals that will be an addition to Zamalek if things are completed in favor of the White Castle.

It is noteworthy that Zamalek recently contracted with the Beninese player Samson Akinola, but he will be registered under age until the list allows the presence of another foreigner.

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