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Wasn't responding to the Zamalek fans' criticism of him

The club's first-team defender, Hisham Yakan, responded to the criticism of some Zamalek fans because of his appearance on the Al-Ahly channel.

He stressed, during his statements, that his appearance on his red channel is the greatest evidence of respect for the opponent, when the president of Al-Ahly Club and Al-Ahly members meet you and honor you while you are an opponent, and this is the greatest evidence of respect.

He pointed out that Al-Ahmar knew the value of Hisham, who was playing his poems, and the Al-Ahly club honored Hisham because of his efforts in football for the benefit of Egyptian football.

He added, that I said on the Al-Ahly club channel that the Zamalek club is my home, and honoring the Al-Ahly club is evidence that they know the value of Hisham Yakan.

I conclude that the competition in the new season's league will be limited to the poles only. Other teams in the Egyptian league, such as Pyramids, are only auxiliary factors.

All the scenes behind the Zamalek mission in Cameroon and the last training:

Zamalek is training today at Ahmedou Ohedgo Stadium, ahead of tomorrow's match against Chad's Elect Sport champion in the African Champions League.

The team's mission conducted a second swab before Sunday's meeting to check on the negative samples of all its members.

In addition, the team doctor performed complete sterilization of the team bus, in order to prevent any possibility of any player contracting any infection.

The Portuguese Ferreira was keen to check the floor of the match stadium during today's training, to ensure its quality, which looked good.

With regard to today's training, he witnessed special training for goalkeepers related to passing.

In addition to some warm-ups for the players for 10 minutes and a run around the floor of the match field.

The city police were keen to escort the team bus to the match stadium and the training site at the same time.

It is noteworthy that tomorrow's meeting will be held at 5 pm, as part of the first leg of the preliminary round of the African Champions League.

Exciting statements by the Chad champion, a rival to Zamalek:

On Sunday evening, Zamalek will face Chad's Elekte Sport team in the African Champions League.

The team's striker, Abdolawi Yaqoub, made several press statements ahead of the upcoming confrontation tomorrow.

Abdullahi, praised the ancient Zamalek team and its great history, stressing that the confrontation will be very difficult for them.

But at the same time, they want to surprise one of the continent's biggest clubs, explaining that winning is not impossible.

Abdolawi seeks to score in tomorrow’s match, and also stated that he dreams of playing in the Egyptian League for Zamalek, or other big clubs in Egypt because the Egyptian League is one of the strongest leagues on the continent.

Yesterday, Zamalek left for Cameroon without the new deals that are expected to appear in the next round after qualifying.