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The Economy of the East surprised Zizou with a new distinction from all players in the Egyptian League

The famous website and newspaper, Al Sharq Economy, which specializes in economic news in the Arab world, revealed development in the marketing value of Ahmed El-Sayed Zizou, player of Zamalek club.

The economic website said that the player Ahmed El-Sayed Zizou has become the most player in the Egyptian league in terms of marketing value.

He wrote the account of the economic site through his account on the social networking site Twitter, saying:

Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, the player of Zamalek and the most scoring player in the Egyptian League, jumped in the last edition, which crowned his team with its title, to the top of the Egyptian League players with a market value.

Everyone agrees on the fate of “Ahmed Yasser Rayan” after his exciting statement about what is happening in Al-Ahly’s juniors:

Many different audiences of different affiliations came out to agree on one opinion regarding the statement of Ahmed Yasser Rayan, who recently transferred to Ceramica Cleopatra recently.

Ahmed Yasser Rayan made a provocative statement about the persecution of a coach in Nain Al-Ahly and forced him not to sleep in the house of his father, Yasser Rayan, the former Al-Ahly player.

Where Ahmed Yasser Rayan confirmed that this coach assured him that he should leave his father's house, otherwise he would not be on the team, and that this coach was stalking him and insulting him on the worst terms because he is the son of Yasser Rayan.

He added that he had to get up early from his father's house and go to his grandmother's house because he knew that this coach would pass him to make sure that he was in his grandmother's house and not his father's house.

Regardless of the various reactions to this exciting statement from Yasser Rayan's son, everyone agreed that this statement might cause the player not to return to Al-Ahly's ranks.

Especially since this statement offends the junior sector in the club and shows many things that have been happening in it recently, which puts the Al-Ahly administration in great embarrassment.

Saudi cooperation reveals the benefits of Mustafa Fathi’s departure to the Pyramids:

Saud Al-Rashoudi, president of the Saudi Al-Taawon Club, spoke about the details of the departure of the player, Mustafa Fathi, to the ranks of the Pyramids Club on loan.

And the Pyramids Club announced the day before yesterday, the signing of the player, Mustafa Fathi, for one season, on loan, from Saudi cooperation.

Where he spoke that the player has a problem with recruitment inside Egypt and that he will play in the Pyramids Club in coordination with the Vanguard of the Army Department so that the situation is legal.

Revealing that the Saudi cooperation clings to the player and does not want to lose him, and therefore decided that the offer would be a loan so that it could recover it again after the problem ended.

He revealed the benefits of the deal, as the loan was a good solution to keep the player and at the same time solve the problem in addition to obtaining an appropriate amount of money, especially since the transfer market in Egypt was still open.