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A new false claim from Alaa Sadiq regarding the issue of the new Al-Ahly deal

The fugitive Alaa Sadiq claimed that the problem of the Brazilian player, Bruno Safo, the new Al-Ahly striker, is one of the conspiracies inside Egypt against Al-Ahly Club, as the fugitive is always called.

And the Bolivian newspaper, El Diario, had reported that the Sports Court in Bolivia had summoned the new Al-Ahly striker Bruno Savo, in order to investigate him in an incident of expulsion he was subjected to during one of his matches with his former club in Bolivia as a result of his assault on the referee.

For the fugitive to reveal through his Twitter account and a YouTube program that there is Egyptian incitement against Savio, and there are bribes that opened his case in Bolivia.

And this is a continuation of the series of allegations and justifications that the fugitive always comes out with, whether by incitement against Zamalek and transgression against the white entity or by defending the fictitious justifications of Al-Ahly Club.

“Watch” Zamalek fans interact with a picture of the new striker:

The Beninese player Samson Akinola, the expected Zamalek striker, came out through his account on the social networking site with a picture, pointing his finger forward.

Zamalek fans interacted greatly with the image, in light of the announcement of the contract with the player to support the attack next season.

Where many Zamalek fans interacted with the image with many expressions of welcome and support for the player.

Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek club, had announced the signing of a series of deals, most notably the Beninese striker Samson Akinola, coming from the Venezuelan League.

Zamalek is preparing to face Chad’s Elect team tomorrow, Sunday, in the first leg of the 64th round of the African Champions League competitions in its new version

Faraj Amer reveals A current stalemate in the Egyptian national team camp:

Faraj Amer, the former president of Smouha Club and one of the controversial figures in the sports community, revealed a crisis within the current Egypt national team camp between the two goalkeepers, Mohamed El-Shennawy and Ahmed El-Shennawy.

Reveals that the crisis comes on the leadership badge in the absence of Mohamed Salah, and also a problem about who has the right to wear T-shirt No. 1

Faraj Amer wrote on his Twitter account, saying:

The quarrel between Al-Shennawy (Mohamed Al-Shennawi, Al-Ahly goalkeeper, and Ahmed Al-Shennawi, Pyramids goalkeeper) in the national team regarding the captain of the team in the absence of Mohamed Salah, and also who has the right to wear T-shirt No. 1