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The first response from Zamalek to reports about Mohamed Ibrahim

An official source from inside Zamalek confirmed that the club's management did not communicate with the management of Ceramica Cleopatra in order to contract with the player Mohamed Ibrahim, the team's playmaker.

Media reports recently spoke of Zamalek's interest in contracting with Mohamed Ibrahim, due to the desire of Portuguese coach Ferreira, the white team, to restore the player again.

However, an official source from within Zamalek completely denied any attempts by the administration to contract with Mohamed Ibrahim, as recent media reports have spoken.

And the recent conversation between the two clubs' management was about Ceramica officials negotiating about players to contract with them from the white team, and the matter has nothing to do with Mohamed Ibrahim from the ground up.

At the time, Ceramica Cleopatra officials confirmed that the player is among the team and will be registered in the second list of the season in light of the existence of a new contract between the two parties.

Zamalek is preparing to face Chad’s Elect team tomorrow, Sunday, in the first leg of the 64th round of the African Champions League competitions in its new version

Reports: Al-Ahly’s new deal is required for an investigation .. and his former club disavows everything:

The Bolivian newspaper, "El Diario", revealed that the Sports Court in Bolivia summoned the new Al-Ahly striker Bruno Savo, in order to investigate him in an incident of expulsion he was subjected to during one of his matches with his former club in Bolivia.

The newspaper revealed that the summons came through his former club in Bolivia in order to investigate him in the case of receiving a red card in one of the matches as a result of objecting to the referee in a way that amounted to severe overreach.

The newspaper revealed that the referee's report strongly condemned the player with accusations that amounted to referring him to the Sports Court and the possibility of strong decisions being taken against him.

The newspaper quoted Rodrigo Quiros, the legal official in Bolivar Club, stressing that the player is no longer on the team, and therefore the issue does not concern the Bolivian club.

And he indicated that the player became among the ranks of another team and was notified of this, and the Bolivian club is no longer a party to that case concerning the player and they have nothing to do with the procedures for summoning the player for investigation.

The al-Ahly club had announced a few days ago the signing of the player, among other deals that the Red Club announced its contract with