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Mustafa Younes: The new Zamalek deal is successful and helps to outperform any team

Mustafa Younes, the former Al-Ahly player, was keen to praise the new Zamalek deal, and the awareness of the return of the player Omar Jaber again to the ranks of the White Castle, coming from Pyramids.

Mustafa Younis, through television statements through the Zamalek channel, confirmed that Omar Jaber is a distinguished player and one of the surviving deals that the club signed.

He added that Omar Jaber was under a player with him in the youth team, and he was one of the reasons for the team's superiority at the time with Mohamed Salah and Mohamed Ibrahim.

He continued that Omar Jaber's position with Zamalek will be different from Pyramids, in terms of the audience, popularity, and the great support he will receive.

He stressed that the Omar Jaber deal is a distinguished deal that contributes to the success of any team and will be a great addition to the ranks of the Zamalek club.

And the Zamalek club had announced the signing of the player Omar Jaber, as part of a group of deals announced so far, while waiting for the rest

Zamalek is preparing to face Chad’s Elect team tomorrow, Sunday, in the first leg of the 64th round of the African Champions League competitions in its new version

Khaled Talaat reveals a new surprise about the value of "Zizo":

Sports critic Khaled Talaat revealed a new surprise regarding the marketing value of Ahmed El-Sayed Zizou, the Zamalek player and top scorer of the league in its latest edition.

Where he spoke that the marketing value of Zizou doubles from 2 million euros to 4 million euros, indicating that Zizou has become of higher marketing value since he joined the Zamalek team.

Khaled Talaat wrote through his account on the social networking site Twitter, saying:

Surprise. The market value of Ahmed Sayed Zizou doubles from 2 million euros to 4 million euros (80 million pounds)

He continued: Zizou was bought by Zamalek in 2019, whose value was half a million euros, and it doubled 8 times in 3 years

And he concluded: that Zizou has become his 2022 rank in terms of market value among all players in the world

Khaled Al-Ghandour: A deal that will impress the audience:

Khaled Al-Ghandour made a strong statement on his program on the Zamalek Club channel yesterday.

Al-Ghandour confirmed that Zamalek is on its way to finalizing a very strong deal that will represent a great addition to the team.

Al-Ghandour explained that the player Zamalek is negotiating with will represent a great surprise to the public, and they will be very happy to sign him.

Al-Ghandour explained that the reports that talked about Karim Al-Iraqi's deal with Zamalek are completely untrue.

Certainly, the player is not on the club's agenda in the current summer transfer market.

It is noteworthy that several reports talked about Zamalek's decision to transfer Karim Al-Iraqi, right-back of the Egyptian club Al-Portsaidi.