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Contact details between Mortada Mansour and the new Zamalek deal

Emad Nabil Donga entered the first team's football deal with the new club, in a fit of crying, after he was injured with the first national team.

This came because he was convinced that his move to Zamalek had failed because the White Castle would not sign a player who was injured and would be absent from a month to a month and a half.

The media, Khaled Al-Ghandour, confirmed that Mortada Mansour, president of the White Club, contacted Dunga by phone.

And the president said to the player, don't you think that Al-Abyad backed out of the deal, no, you have a minor injury and you are there, and don't worry.

The player replied to him, I will be the servants of the White Knight.

Al-Ghandour concluded his statements: We do not throw a player after his agreement, and the player bought us, and he will break the world after the situation that the White Castle made with him before he plays, and he will return to remain like the beast.

Khaled Al-Ghandour’s message to the fans of Zamalek:

The journalist Khaled Al-Ghandour expressed his dissatisfaction with some of the club's fans, for criticizing them and talking about the new deals.

He stressed during his statements that your role is only to encourage, because the Portuguese Jesvaldo Ferreira, coach of Zamalek, is the one who understands football, and he and Amir Mortada choose who benefits the team.

He indicated that there were players who were waiting for the end of the season to leave and others whose level was bad and now they are shining with the Portuguese.

He said, "We must believe ourselves that the White Knight succeeded after a long season, and it is assumed that he is talking about deals and delaying them, the competitor who lost the championship."

And he stressed that Al-Manakis contracted with three deals, and we are seven deals, even though we are the champions of the duo.

He called on the fans of the White Castle to calm down, trust the coach's choices, thank the administration and support, and not be the bear that killed its owner.

The former Zamalek player comments on facing the Chad champion:

Hisham Yakan, a former first-team football defender in the club, believes that Zamalek is more likely against Elect Sport of Chad in Africa.

During his statements, he confirmed his confidence in the White Knight at the beginning of his African career against Chad's Elect Sport.

 He continued the high morale since the crowning of the two league titles, as well as the Egyptian Cup, and the experiences of the African Whites, their name, and previous championships.

He added, "It will help him overcome the Chadian Elect Sports obstacle, and the names of Zamalek stars will terrify the Chadian champion."

It is scheduled to face Zamalek with Chad champions, tomorrow evening, Sunday, in Cameroon, in the preliminary round of the African Champions League.