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A media talk about Mohamed Ibrahim's approach to Zamalek... and Ceramica's management responds

In light of media talks about a possible agreement between the Zamalek administration and the Ceramica Cleopatra club’s management, the player, Mohamed Ibrahim, the team’s player, will wear the white shirt again.

Ceramica Cleopatra's management revealed the reason why the player was not on the team's first local list in preparation for the new season.

An official source from inside the Ceramica administration revealed that the player will naturally be on the team's second list, especially since a new system and procedures made it difficult to enroll the player in the first list.

These statements come in light of media talk and various media sources about an agreement from the Zamalek administration with Ceramica to include the player from next season.

Especially since Ferreira, the coach of the team known Mohamed Ibrahim well since his first term, and he welcomes his return to the white team.

So far, no source from within Zamalek has talked about the fact that the player is trying to return to the team's ranks, but the talk came from inside Ceramica regarding the player's registration in the second list.

The Zamalek club had announced the signing of deals such as Mustafa Al-Zanardi, Omar Jaber, Nabil Imad Dunga, Zakaria Al-Wardi, Ibrahima Nadal, Mohamed Sobhi, and Samson Akinola.

Ahmed Makhlouf: In Al-Nibali, this is the most important deal in the transfer season for Zamalek:

Ahmed Makhlouf, director of the media center and social media at Zamalek Club, commented on the club’s announcement of the contract with the player Nabil Imad Dunga, the Pyramids midfielder.

Ahmed Makhlouf wrote through his account on the social networking site Twitter, saying:

Glory be to God, the days turn and spin, and Dunga comes with the same previous agreement. The whole story is that the player was two years late for Zamalek

And he continued: Balnasbali is the most important deal in the transfer season, Dunga

Will the fate of Anas Osama be resolved between Zamalek and Al-Ittihad? New developments and an awaited decision:

A continuation of the conflict crisis between Zamalek Club and Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria over the player Anas Osama, the basketball player.

Muhammad Abdul Muttalib, Vice President of the Basketball Association, revealed a new development that includes a meeting of the Board of Directors this Friday evening.

Where the meeting is expected to witness the discussion of the Anas Osama crisis and the conflict between Zamalek and the Alexandrian Federation over the eligibility to include the player.

Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria had announced the signing of the player in a free transfer deal, although Zamalek announced the renewal of him, and each club registered the player in its new list for the new season.

Muhammad Abdul Muttalib, Vice President of the Basketball Association, revealed that today's meeting may witness a final decision in the case if all the required details are reached.