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Tunisian official TV announces the broadcast of the first Arab matches of Zamalek in the global journey

Tunisian state television announced the broadcast of tomorrow's match between Zamalek and Esperance, in the first competition of the Arab Handball Club Championship.

The match will be held at half past five Tunisia time, six thirty Cairo time.

It is noteworthy that the winner of the Arab Championship will qualify to participate in the upcoming Club World Cup, according to a previous agreement between the Arab Handball Federation and the International Federation of the game.

It is noteworthy that the hand of Zamalek has recently crowned the Egyptian Super Cup for handball, after winning the triple round of the championship over Sporting and Al-Ahly.

And Zamalek has an opportunity to be present again in the World Club Championship through the Arab coronation, after losing the opportunity to participate in the tournament from the African door after losing the African Super to Al-Ahly recently.

Fargo's first comment on the termination of Mohamed Sobhi's file with Zamalek confirms: This was the password:

An official source from within the Farco Club commented on the Zamalek club's announcement that the crisis of goalkeeper Mohamed Sobhi, who is returning to the White Castle, has ended.

And Farco Club was talking that it had activated the player's purchase clause, and therefore Sobhi was entitled to them, starting from the next season.

And that was before Zamalek club announced the goalkeeper’s official return to the team after the end of his loan with Farco Club at the end of the current season.

A source from the Farco Club confirmed that the good relationship with the Zamalek Club and the White Castle officials was the key to ending the matter in a friendly manner.

In addition to the goalkeeper's own desire to return to the Zamalek club and not continue with Farco, and therefore it was difficult to seek to keep a player who did not want to continue in the team.

He stressed that this file did not affect the file of activating the purchase clause of the player, Yassin Merhi, the team's defender, who was on loan from Zamalek and is currently a player on the team.

Mortada Mansour and Zamalek club officials announced the end of the matter amicably regarding Mohamed Sobhi’s file so that there would be a focus on the goalkeeper with the team for the upcoming periods.

How does Imam Ashour benefit from this deal inside Zamalek:

Zamalek club officially announced the signing of Nabil Emad Donga, a midfielder for Pyramids, to support the team's ranks, starting from next season.

There is no doubt that Dunga's deal will be great for the defensive midfield side of Zamalek club, especially after the departure of Tariq Hamed and the team's need to fill this gap with a player with different capabilities similar to Dunga.

A simple technical analysis The Dunga deal will be beneficial to the Zamalek player in front of Ashour, as it will give attacking freedom to Imam Ashour in the middle of the field, relying on Dunga's strong coverage from the back.

Freedom in front of Ashour's offensive may constitute a lot of movement on the opponents' goal and may give a lot of support to the owners of the front lines in the Zamalek team.

On the other side, there will be a defensive blocking wall in the back that protects the runs in front of Ashour and saves the back line from the competitors' runs.

Yesterday, Zamalek announced the signing of the player Nabil Imad Donga to support the midfield, coming from the ranks of Pyramids, after several seasons of trying to contract with the player.

Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek club, confirmed that all financial matters were settled with the Pyramids administration, and the contract with the player was officially terminated.