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Moroccan Raja announces its new technical director

The Moroccan Raja Club announced its contract with a new technical director to lead the Moroccan team in the coming period.

This appointment came to succeed Saad Chebbi, whose contract was terminated by mutual consent a few days ago due to poor results.

Raja Club announced the signing of Belgian coach Marc Wilmots, on a contract for two and a half seasons.

He will receive a monthly salary of $30,000, with a penalty clause of 6 months in the event that he is laid off.

Muhammad Mazeed calls on the administration: Please close this file.. Share your opinion:

In these periods, news circulates about upcoming offers for Zamalek club players, to leave next January.

Reports indicate that Wydad wants to include Mohamed Onajem, Al Ittihad of Alexandria wants to include Mohamed Ashraf Rouqa, and the club wants the public player.

Of course, any club has the right to ask, not to blame, but the blame for what comes out of the Zamalek club is that we will study.

A sentence that stopped me personally, is it reasonable to sacrifice players, while the team is suspended from restrictions, is this reasonable?

Gentlemen: Any player, even if he does not participate now, the need for him is coming in light of a strong, difficult and pressured season, and there are no contracts.

Distinguished gentlemen: the most difficult has not yet come, there will come a time that will need every player and potential for every junior, under the pressure expected.

And if this is Carteron's desire, it is not required that all the man's desires be implemented, and that everything be placed at his disposal, not to have a conversation with him, and to assure him that the team will need every player.

Please close this file, no to the departure of any player in January, even if he is not participating.. He has a need and we will need him.

We talk for the interest of the team and the interest of the club.. Share your opinion.. your opinion matters to us.