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The arrival of the new Ismaili coach to Egyptian territory

A short while ago, the Argentine coach, Juan Braun, the new coach of the Ismaily Club, arrived in Egypt.

Juan Brown, who will take over the technical leadership of the Dervishes, succeeding Talaat Youssef, who left his position, without leading the Ismaili in a single official match.

As Talaat Youssef was infected with the Corona virus before the start of the league, he could not lead the Dervishes in any match, so that his departure could be settled.

It was announced that the Argentine, Juan Braun, had assumed the task of technical leadership for the Dervishes in the next stage, and indeed the man had arrived in Cairo.

The man was received at the airport by a delegation from the Ismaili Club, and a press conference is expected to present the man within hours.

More organization: The English Premier League announces this matter:

The date for the start of the English Premier League championship, for the next new season, has just been announced.

The English Premier League announced that the new season will start on August 6, and end on May 28 of the year after 2023.

It was also announced that the dates of the entire last round will be held on May 28, 2023, at the same time, in implementation of the principle of equal opportunities.

More organization and a very exaggerated system, set the start and end dates of the tournament for the upcoming season, not the season that is running.

Here we do not know the fate of the Egypt Cup championship in the first place, which is not over yet, and we also started the new championship in the preliminary rounds.