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The absence of the Zamalek player is a "crisis" for Queiroz against Angola... and 3 possible alternatives

The Portuguese coach, Carlos Queiroz, the coach of the Egyptian national team, is looking for a suitable replacement for Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wansh, the defender of Zamalek.

Egypt will face Angola in the fifth round of the African qualifiers for the World Cup.

The winch is absent from the match because he received two warnings in previous periods, and he is in the national team camp and is preparing for the other match against Gabon.

Queiroz puts 3 alternatives to be next to Ahmed Hegazy in the team's defense to compensate for the absence of the winch.

Where it puts player Ayman Ashraf, defender of Al-Ahly, player Mahmoud Alaa, defender of Zamalek, and newcomer to the team Ahmed Yassin, defender of Ceramica Cleopatra.

Ayman Ashraf is considered the closest to Queiroz's choices to be the substitute for Al Wensh in the team's defense against Angola tomorrow.

It is worth noting that if the team wins tomorrow, it will qualify for the final stage of the African qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar

From Saudi Arabia: Al-Naqaz was referred to the Disciplinary Committee because of Zamalek:

It was decided to refer the Tunisian Hamdi Al-Naqaz, the former Zamalek player, and the Saudi Al-Ahly player to the Disciplinary Committee of the Saudi Football Association.

This came after several complaints against the player from several Saudi clubs, due to his participation, which is a site for Zamalek Club, despite the announcement of the player’s departure as a free transfer deal.

The Disciplinary Committee summoned the player, for investigation, due to the spread of pictures of him, which is a website for the Zamalek Club, where several Saudi clubs protested.

The player left for Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia, after the suspension of Zamalek from registration, during this period by the International Football Association.

Zamalek contracted with Al-Naqaz, during the last summer transfer period, to avoid the fine imposed on Al-Abyad by FIFA in favor of the player.