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Counselor Mohamed Attia: If I were responsible, I would do this to respond to Syed Abdel Hafeez

Counselor Mohamed Attia, a member of the previous committee that ran the club, commented on the statements of Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the football director, yesterday.

Sayed Abdel Hafeez, who made many statements, on one of the Gulf channels yesterday, which attracted some ridicule.

On his Twitter account, Mohamed Attia wrote:

If I was in charge of Zamalek, I would assign the channel to allocate an episode whose guest would be the esteemed Captain Mila, head of Zamalek’s dressing rooms, to respond to statements that lacked containment and contained it as much as possible.

Montaser Al-Rifai asks, and we ask him: Who is in the neck?

Sports critic Montaser Al-Rifai asked a question about the Zamalek club and the recent events in it.

These events cause grief to all fans of the club, as the club is going through a phase of instability during this period.

And through his page on the social networking site Facebook, Montaser Al-Rifai asked, and we ask him: The fault of Zamalek is in the neck of whom?

We are waiting for an answer to this question from any side. The fault of Zamalek is in the neck of whom.

Zamalek today confirms to you what he said before regarding Mortada Mansour’s ruling:

Many of the Zamalek fans are asking about the position of the ruling issued in favor of Mortada Mansour, the president of the frozen club, his council, and the recipient of a ruling to return.

Where the situation is now ambiguous with regard to the implementation of the ruling, in favor of Mortada Mansour, in light of statements by Minister Ashraf Sobhi that the ministry is studying the ruling.

Zamalek today assures you, as it assured you before, that the ministry will not implement the ruling, and that the matter will remain under study, until November 23.

This date is the last day of Mortada Mansour's council, in a natural way, and therefore the opportunity will be missed on the idea of ​​implementing the ruling.

At that time, the minister will have the right to form a committee to fill the existing administrative vacuum, to administer the elections, or to re-assign the current committee headed by Hussein Labib, to supervise the elections, according to the situation at the time.

Zamalek today, more than a week ago, and before the minister’s statements, he assured you of this matter, and that the ruling will not be implemented.