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Because of Shikabala .. Zamalek demands the Ministry of Sports

The media, Mohamed Shabana, explained that the temporary committee to manage the club’s affairs, headed by Hussein Labib, decided to refer the file of Mahmoud Shikabala, the leader of Zamalek, to Ashraf Sobhi, the Minister of Sports.

He confirmed, during his statements, that the committee asked Sobhi to investigate the matter, especially since the player had a contract of only one thousand pounds per season.

He added that he was being deducted to pay the dues to Sporting Lisbon, before everyone was surprised that Lisbon did not receive the dues in the first place.

He pointed out that the delay in the payment of dues since 2016 until now, if the White Castle paid the amount of 510,000 dollars five years ago, the crisis would have ended.

He stressed that Al-Obeid incurred 10% interest during that period, bringing the amount to 810,000 dollars, and then 400,000 dollars as a fine, bringing the amount to one million and 210 thousand dollars.

Muhammad Sabri sends a fiery message to Ashraf bin Sharqi... and Ferjani Sassi, "Farz Thani":

Mohamed Sabry, the former star of Zamalek, confirmed that he is following the Qatari league well before the transfer of Tunisian international Ferjani Sassi to the ranks of the Qatari Al Duhail and his departure from Zamalek.

Mohamed Sabry said on the Zamalek club channel:

I have been following the Qatari league for a long time, Ferjani Sassi with Al-Duhail Al-Qatari is another sort, and his presence is not as effective as his absence there, and I am confident of my words.

Zamalek is the one who works from the player Najm, and by God, after the departure of Ferjani Sassi, you will not hear anything about him.

In Al-Duhail, it is not visible, and in matches, he plays for half an hour and then is replaced. In Zamalek, it is 90 minutes, and the Tunisian national team also plays the whole match. This is a message to Ashraf Ben Sharqi, see Ferjani Sassi, where was he, and now he put it, how if I talk to Sassi, I am sure that he will say that he regrets his departure from Zamalek.