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Mohamed Sabry: The Zamalek player does not benefit from Europe

Mohamed Sabry, the former Zamalek star, called on Ashraf Ben Sharqi, the team's player, to renew and continue with the team.

He stressed, through television statements, that Ben Sharqi is a good and very useful player for the Zamalek club and has great potential.

He continued that Bin Sharqi will lose a lot in the event of his departure from Zamalek, and it is better for him to renew for years to come.

He added that "Quality" Ben Sharqi would not be suitable for European professionalism and would not be suitable for playing in Europe.

Revealing that if the player leaves Zamalek, it is better for him to be in one of the Gulf clubs.

Zamalek is seeking to renew the player’s contract in the next stage in light of the end of his contract at the end of the current season.

Mohamed Sabry confirms that the continuation of Carteron will be an implementation and reproduction of that wonderful experience:

Mohamed Sabry, the former Zamalek star, wished French coach Patrice Carteron to continue with the team for many years.

Stressing that Carteron is able to reproduce the experience of Jurgen Klopp, the coach of the English team, Liverpool, in resolving many local and continental championships.

And Sabry added, through television statements, that Carteron will be a good coach, and it is a project for a distinguished coach like Jurgen Klopp in Liverpool.

And he demanded that he should continue for long periods with Zamalek, up to four or five years, to implement this project.

Where Sabri confirmed that Carteron is a good coach and can read matches, and he is also physically and technically excellent, and his continuity is a great addition to Zamalek.

He stressed that the last Al-Ahly match was forgotten, and that the matter was due to the fact that the players of Zamalek were not at their level.

Yesterday, Carteron returned to Cairo to lead the team during training in preparation for facing Ismaily in the fourth round of the league.